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This series will give you an idea of how games within each month’s Humble Choice plays. These will hopefully work in conjunction with pure gameplay clips on my Twitch and then uploaded to my Youtube channel.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what the game is like and if it is worth your Humble Choice, or money if you miss it in the Humble Choice.

Developed by: Battlecruiser Games

Platform Played: Steam

Game Release Date: 23rd May 2018

Game Type: Tower Defense/City Builder/RPG

Humble Choice Month: February 2020

Time played as of writing: 3 hours

Tower Defense is an interesting game type. One popularised by the old Warcraft 3 custom games of old. I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing Tower Defense games ranging from the original Bloons TD, through to Element TD, Gemcraft, and as time went on Revenge of the Titans and even the PvP variants of some of these such as Wintermaul Wars.

Tower Defense games aren’t alien to me. I’ve played my fair share, although I’ve not really played them that much.

There’s something about the graphics and the charm of the game that keeps me coming back for more. Is the game perfect? I would say far from it, there’s a few quality of life changes that could be added to the game to improve how it feels and the information available to the player. It is good though, for a few hours of fairly casual fun.

If this sounds like you, then consider WarstoneTD. The game also has a boatload of achievements that are easy enough to get if you’re into that too.

What to expect from WarstoneTD?

Tower Defenses at their heart are fairly simple affairs.

The idea is that there are waves of enemies that follow a set path to get to a lose condition. This could be base, an artifact you’re protecting, or in most instances with Warstone TD, it’s just simply the end of a path.

Your objective is to buy units and put them on stones to stop the enemy advance and save your camp from imminent doom over several waves. Pretty straightforward stuff.

The game board for WarstoneTD

You may be wondering where the complexity is in such a game, and honestly, it can get pretty hectic. As the waves of enemies go on, things get a bit trickier to manage, and Warstone TD does a great job of mixing a few mechanics in there just to keep you on your toes.

As well as this Warstone TD also mixes in some RPG elements in the form of a talent tree, and also a pseudo-city-builder. This is more akin to something a mobile game would offer than a fully-fledged Sim City style game.

WarstoneTD Talent Panel

To the Battlefield!

When you’re in a mission, Warstone TD acts like your typical Tower Defense game. As you progress through the game you unlock different units with their own strengths, and as you carry on, you can also upgrade these units to make them more powerful. As well as this, Warstone TD has its own weapon style triangle with monster armour types. For example:

  • Normal damage is strong against Medium Armor
  • Gunfire damage is strong against Unarmored
  • Piercing damage is strong against Light Armor
  • Astral damage is strong against Heavy Armour

Equally, the damage types are also ineffective against certain armour types:

  • Unarmored takes reduced damage from Astral damage
  • Light Armor takes reduced damage from Normal damage
  • Medium Armor takes reduced damage from Gunfire damage
  • Heavy Armor takes reduced damage from Piercing damage

The key to beating the levels in Warstone TD is understanding the enemy types that are in a wave. You can do this by hovering over the skull icon that starts the wave.
This helps to determine what types of units to buy as you progress through the level.

City Management and Beyond!

Outside of the level is where you can add some depth to Warstone. Warstone TD gives the player a pseudo-storyline to play through, where you are protecting your village against an onslaught of trolls.

City Screen in WarstoneTD

To this end, you are the person that has been put in charge of protecting the city that you slowly build up and improve as you go through the story.

Improving your Army

As well as this, you are also given three talent trees that you can put points into that will passively improve your gameplay. These range from the effectiveness of the spells you use, through to the time it takes to summon units and the damage they do.

Choosing the correct talents to compliment how you play the game can really make the game feel as if it is your own. You can also freely respec, so go ahead and mess about until your heart’s content with different talent options.

You can also buy upgrades within the town to passively improve your units.

This gives you a bit more customisation to the units you use and is also where you will spend the majority of your resources that you earn from completing missions, and also from the buildings you construct.

WarstoneTD Upgrade Screen

Game Types and Variety

In terms of game modes, Warstone TD does not just have PvE you versus a wave of enemies. In giving you even more things to do, there are co-op missions you can undertake with a friend or two, PvP game modes where you have to simultaneously attack and defend with units, and PvE game mode where you also send attacking units and defend with your own units.

All in all, Warstone TD gives you a lot of game to get through, and the differing game modes can really help mix things up if you’re a bit tired of a certain type.

Visuals & Graphics

Warstone TD is a good looking game. The game is made in unity, and you’ll see the classic window pop-up of unity asking you what resolution you would like to play in as you launch the game.

There’s a certain charm to the simplicity of the game. Whilst the animations can look a little shaky at times, for the most part, they’re great and add to the look of the game.

For the spells you can cast in the game, there’s no flashy spell effects (so far) and they get the job done. It’s certainly not the worst game I’ve seen, and the game is very well stylised aesthetically.

Should you buy Warstone TD?

Personally I feel Tower Defense games are not the types of games that I feel you can sit down for hours at a time and play. I personally feel tower defense games are best enjoyed in short bursts.

Warstone TD does its best to combat this by having a few different game modes, both PvP and PvE. It’s a game you’ll play for 15 minutes to 30 minutes when you’re looking for something to do and for that, it is recommended.

According to Steam, the game is priced at £10.99. I personally feel this is a little high, however, there is a lot of content to get through in this game, and the artwork is well done.

If you’ve read this and think WarstoneTD is the game for you, then you can pick it up at the Steam link below:

WarstoneTD on Steam

If you do pick it up, let me know what you think of WarstoneTD, and of course, this WarstoneTD review.

Catch you in the next one,
The Humble Guy

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