Big Hearthstone Changes at Blizzcon 2019?

Hearthstone is due for a shakeup as an ominous new trailer released by Blizzard ahead of Blizzcon which could have the fate of Azeroth decided by you. Yes, you. The player.

Blizzard have announced that all will be shown on November 1st. This also happens to be when Blizzcon starts, so if Hearthstones your bag (er..deck?) and you want to know what’s coming next, then be sure to tune into Blizzcon on November 1st.

What else can we expect from Hearthstone at Blizzcon?

There will no doubt be a few things that we will come to expect from Hearthstone at Bizzcon 2019. These will most likely be:

  1. New cards
  2. New expansion
  3. New storyline

Usually, when these announcements come about, we tend to see those three things. With the previous two expansions (Tombs of Terror and Saviors of Uldum) we can pretty much guarantee that the next storyline to come out of Hearthstone will attempt to draw a conclusion to this.

It would be pretty awesome if we saw some new game modes or heroes added to the game, but we will just have to wait and see on November 1st.

Are you an avid Hearthstone player? Let us know in the comments below what you’re hoping Blizzard will change in the game. Nerfs? Buffs? New cards? New heroes? 

You can watch the newest Hearthstone trailer below. Just remember. Choose Wisely. Fate is in your hands.

Keep up with all the latest Blizzcon news at Lazy Shark Gaming. We’ll be covering any leaks before the show and any news that comes out of the show itself. You can catch up on any Blizzcon news here.

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