What is Teppen?

Teppen is the premier card battling game from Capcom and Gung-Ho Online. Choose your hero from a host of characters from popular Capcom franchises, build a deck from hundreds of cards and get fighting. Teppen is a fast-paced, real-time take on the card game genre. This means players do not have to wait for “turns” to complete before they can take action. You can download Teppen on mobile on both iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you want to know more about Teppen, you can read our quick and dirty Teppen FAQ at the bottom of the page. You can find out more about the cards, Heroes, and even get the latest news about the game by clicking on one of the links below.

How to Play

Looking to get right into Teppen straight away and want a primer on how to play the game? Click through to get a brief overview of how to play the game. Find out what to do when you first start the game, and what to expect when you’re building your first deck and jumping into a ranked or free match for the first time.

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Get the low-down on all the heroes you can choose in Teppen including a detailed explanation on their Hero Arts. Inside you will also find a look into which of the Hero Arts are seeing the most playtime, and example decks that can be run alongside these Hero Arts that will hopefully net you some wins if you’re starting your ranked journey.

Meet the Heroes

Teppen News

Catch up with all the latest Teppen news. Find out about new heroes and cards that will be joining the game, any balance changes being made to your favourite decks and cards, and any information about in-game events and rewards. We’ll also be covering tournament and any competitions being run within the game.

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Is Teppen Free to Play? (F2P)

Teppen is a completely free to play card game from developers Capcom and Gung-Ho Online Entertainment. There are some payment elements within the game, but these are limited to card packs and the season pass the game provides.

How much can I spend in-game in Teppen?

The in-game currency for Teppen is named “Jewels” and players can spend up to £74.99 for 12,500 jewels. Jewels are used to open packs and to buy the season pass. Card packs within Teppen are 240 Jewels for 6 cards. This roughly equates to 52 packs. One pack is worth roughly £2.

Do cards have rarities in Teppen?

There are 4 levels of rarities for cards in Teppen. These are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

As well as this you can obtain foil (shiny) versions of each card, and some cards have a “secret” variant which you can unlock when opening cards, and this will provide a bonus card with alternative art, which is usually minimally animated.

What are the chances of pulling rare cards?

Rarity 1st to 5th Card 6th Card
Normal Normal Legendary MAX Charge
Legendary 1% 1% 100%
Epic 6% 6%
Rare 28% 93%
Common 65%

The above table highlights the rate of pulling rare cards in Teppen. It is also important to note that you are guaranteed a legendary card after 30 pack openings. This legendary is guaranteed to not be a duplicate.

What can I expect from opening a pack of Teppen cards?

Opening a pack of cards in Teppen will net you 6 cards to be added to your card list. These cards can range from common all the way to legendary. You can use the table above to have an estimate on the rarity of the cards.
There is also a chance that the cards in the pack will foil (shiny), or you may get a hidden 7th card on your pack open with the secret art of a card. You can see our card list to find the art for these cards.