What are Heroes?

Teppen allows you to pick a hero from the Capcom universe to use as the representative of your deck. The hero you choose has an ability known as a “Hero Art” which is a powerful ability you can use throughout the game that can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Heroes have a total of 3 hero arts that you can pick from once you have leveled the hero up appropriately, and each hero art affects the battlefield in its own way.

How do you unlock heroes in Teppen?

Heroes in Teppen are unlocked by completing a short “story” mode for each character. The story mode consists of 3 card battles against straightforward opponents. Once you have completed the story mode for that character, you will unlock the hero and their basic deck. As of writing, this is the same for the base heroes, as well as new heroes they are adding to the game.

Who are the heroes in Teppen?

There are currently 9 heroes to pick from in Teppen. The heroes are listed below and are sorted into colour for your convenience. Click on the hero to learn about their hero arts, and the types of decks you can create with each hero.

Red Heroes

Ryu is the most recognisable character from Street Fighter and is a red hero in Teppen. He is well known for his ability to destroy single units.

Shinku Hadoken – 18 AP Cost
Deal 7 damage to an enemy unit

Denjin Renki – 22 AP Cost
Add +2 damage to all friendly units as well as cards in your hand and EX pocket

Metsu Shoryuken – 12 AP Cost
Grants combo to a friendly unit

Rathalos, also known as the “King of the Skies” from Monster Hunter. He is a red hero in Teppen. Most known for buffing units and giving them flight

Dive Attack – 25 AP Cost
Grants all friendly units +2 attack

Wrath Awoken – 17 AP Cost
Grants Flight and +X attack to a friendly unit. X is the number of times attack was boosted with an action card.

Blazing Wall – 14 AP Cost
Grants +2 HP and Shield to a friendly unit

Jill Valentine premiered in Resident Evil as one of two playable characters. She is a red hero in Teppen. She is most known for her Explore mechanic.

Ultimate Weapon – 17 AP Cost
Explore the Rocket Launcher (3 cost 10 Pierce damage to random enemy unit)

Genesis – 17 AP Cost
Two random cards from all explored cards during this battle get -1 MP and are added to the EX Pocket. (If only one card has been explored, that is added to the EX Pocket)

Antibody Activation – 15 AP Cost
If you have explored 3 or more times, an ally unit gets +1/+3 and Shield.

Green Heroes

Chun Li is the most recognisable female fighter from Street Fighter. She is a green hero in Teppen. Her focus varies depending on Hero Art

Kikosho – 17 AP Cost
Grants shield to all friendly units

Hyakuretsukyaku – 13 AP Cost
Grants +1 attack and Heavy Pierce to a friendly unit.

Yawn – 15 AP Cost
Gain 4 MP when a friendly unit leaves the field.

X is of Mega Man X fame and is an instantly recognisable Capcom character. X is a green hero in Teppen. His focus is on shielding and protecting his units.

Heart Tank – 18 AP Cost
Grants 7 HP to a friendly unit

Charge Shot – 16 AP Cost
Grants “When HP is boosted: Gain 1 attack” to all friendly units

Gaea Armor – 21 AP Cost
Grants Veil to all friendly units

Purple Heroes

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. Known for his attitude and ability to destroy demons. He is a purple hero in Teppen. His focus is on resonate or preventing damage

Quicksilver – 27 AP Cost
Inflicts slow and counterbind to all enemy units

Ebony & Ivory – 19 AP Cost
Enables all friendly units and action cards to trigger resonate twice

Devil Trigger – 13 AP Cost
Takes no damage for 10 seconds

Morrigan is a succubus and one of the most recognisable characters from the Darkstalkers franchise. She is a purple hero in Teppen. Her focus is on the Halt mechanic and removal

Temptation – 23 AP Cost
Halts all enemy units for 13 seconds

Darkness Illusion – 15 AP Cost
Destroys any enemy units inflicted with halt

Shadow Blade – 18 AP Cost
Deals 4 damage to enemy units. When enemy units with flight deal six damage or more, you gain HP equal to the damage dealt.

Black Heroes

Albert Wesker is best known as the bad guy from the Resident Evil franchise trying to disperse Uroboros throughout the world. He is a black hero in Teppen. He mostly known for his revenge decks and removal

Dark Destruction – 18 AP Cost
Destroys a 5MP or less enemy unit

Uroboros – 22 AP Cost
Summons the highest MP unit in your graveyard

Bringer of Nightmares – 12 AP Cost
Adds a unit activated with revenge to the EX Pocket

Nergigante is an elder dragon introduced in Monster Hunter World. It is known as the “Extinction Dragon” and has an appetite for destruction. It is a black hero in Teppen. It is mostly known for its destructive power, and board clear.

Spike Divebomb – 15 AP Cost
Grants +4/+4 and self destruct on attack to a friendly unit

Spike Launch – 20 AP Cost
Deals damage equal to sacrificed HP, split between all enemy units, with a maximum of 12 damage

Change Form – 25 AP Cost
If you have 15 HP or less, grants units in your hand and EX pocket +2/+2