Humble Bundle

What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is an organisation that sells bundles of games, books and software where the user can decide how much they want to pay for a bundle of games, software or books. The difference with the Humble Bundle is some of that money also goes to charity.

This is usually split into several tiers at different price points, with the lowest starting at just $1. As you progress up the tiers, the buy-in costs more, but in most cases, you get more for your money. The quality of the content you buy also increases, with some final tiers being life subscriptions or high-quality games and software.

If you want to know more about the basics of the Humble Bundle, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and read more about it. If you just want to see what’s happening with the Humble Bundle, you can see this months early unlocks, previous months, or any bundles we think are pretty cool, that you may be interested in.

Early Unlocks

Want to know what you will be getting in the Humble Monthly this month? Click through and see what the early unlocks for the month are. You’ll also find a quick preview of each game and why it might be of interest to you. Any related games, and any links to reviews we may have given the games in the past.

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Previous Months

Missed a month but want to know what was in it? Click through and you’ll find the last 3 months of Humble Bundles. We’ll provide the month and the total value of that bundle, as well as a short breakdown of each game that was available in that bundle. If there’s a revie available for that game, we’ll link to it too!

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Humble Reviews

There’s a lot of games that come with a Humble Bundle. In here you’ll find more in-depth reviews of early unlocks from the monthly bundle, previous games from the monthly bundle, and even games within the Humble Trove and other random budnles. Want to know more about your games? Click through here and learn more.

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What else is on the Humble Store?

Since inception, the Humble Store has seen great success, offering great value bundles of games and software for low prices. Over the years, Steam integration has been added, and games can be redeemed on most storefronts, including:

  • Steam
  • UPlay
  • Origin

As Humble Bundle continues to go from strength to strength, the number of launchers and storefronts supported could increase.

Humble Bundle now also has a fully functioning storefront, a subscription service of curated monthly games for one low price, and has further increased the charities that they support. You can read more about this below, 

If you’re looking for more information on the current Humble Monthly, then click the box on the left where we will have some first impressions and news about the early unlocks, or other Humble games of the month, the middlebox for previous Humble Monthly bundles, and the box on the right will take you to any notable news. This will cover any other bundles they host that we feel you should know about.

How does the Humble Bundle work?

The Humble Bundle is straight forward. If you’re looking for Humble Monthly info, then you can find that on the current Humble Monthly page.

Standard bundles on the Humble Bundle website are great value. Grabbing yourself a bundle is a relatively simple process, follow these 4 steps to get what you need:

Decide what you want to pay

If you find a bundle you like, decide how much you want to pay, and then see which tier that is. Remember, you can give some cash to charity here, so throwing that extra dollar in can rea\lly make a difference

Split the price

At the bottom of the page, you can split the cost of the bundle between the developer of the bundle, the charity of choice (You can see charities right here). And Humble Bundle for bringing these wonderful bundles to you. Pick a split you like and pay for your bundle!

Log in and Redeem your Keys

You’ll get an email or be prompted to make an account to redeem your keys. Redeem to the platform you bought them for. As of writing, those tend to be either Steam, UPlay, Origin, Battle.Net. Occasionally you get bundles for the PS Store, although this tends to be the U.S

Play your games!

Install the games and off you go! If you fancy the end tier you’ll find that you get some great value. Most of the time it’s upwards of 10 games for less than £20/$20. Amazing value. You also get to give to charity at the same time. What’s better?

What types of bundles can I get?

There’s a large variety of bundles available on the Humble Bundle website. When Humble Bundle first started out, it mainly contained a series of PC games, with the odd “Triple A” game thrown in to entice people. 

Over time, bundles have expanded, and now you can get bundles of themed games, comic book bundles, game development bundles, software bundles, computer security bundles, book bundles, education book bundles and so much more. The best bet is to keep an eye on the Humble Bundles here so you can grab something that you like the look of!