Steam Summer Festival

Get an early look at the great games heading your way for 2020 and beyond.

Unless you haven’t really been paying attention to the outside world, you’ll probably know that we are currently all suffering the effects of a global pandemic.

Outside of not being able to collect toilet roll, pasta, rice, other types of everyday essentials, news has been pretty horrific, with not too much good news coming out of many sectors. The gaming industry is no exception, with plenty of delays, late shipping and other issues, gamers have been looking for something ever since E3 got cancelled. Real shame.

Well things are looking up now, IGN has taken things on their own shoulders with their “Summer of Gaming” initiative, PC Gamer continued to do their PC Gaming Show, not much really changed for them, and we’ve also had a handful of other showcases including some HUGE announcements form both Xbox and Sony, with some more to come. All in all, gaming is in a pretty good spot, and with the medium being mostly online, we’ve had it pretty good.

This week, it all just got a little bit better. Enter, Steam Summer Festival.

What is the Steam Summer Festival?

The Steam Summer Festival is quickly becoming a huge replacement for the likes of E3, where Valve talk to developers from around the world to curate and showcase 100’s of demos (The numbers for this year are somewhere between 500-900) of new and upcoming titles, as well as some recently released titles. There’s a whole lot to get through, and you ONLY have a week to do it in

When is the Steam Summer Festival?

The Steam Summer Festival started on the 16th June 2020 and is scheduled to last until the 22nd June 2020. Each day is packed with developer discussion, AMA’s, previews and reveals so there is plenty to stick your teeth into.

What games are available at the Steam Summer Festival?

There are reported to be over 900 free game demos to be downloaded at the Steam Summer Festival, so there has never been a better time to take a look at all the titles that are coming out and are just being released. There are games spanning almost every genre from Action & Adventure through to Sports, Horror and even some VR games. Head over to the Steam Summer Festival page to learn more and get downloading.

Where can I read more about the games at the Steam Summer Festival?

Fortunately, I’ll be looking to get through as many of the games as possible and will be writing a short preview of each, so you can head on over to our Steam Summer Festival page to learn more about a selection of games I’ll be personally trying out.

From the list I’ve downloaded so far you can expect coverage on at least

Fights in Tight Spaces
Tenderfoot Tactics
Gloria Victis
Many, many more

If there are any titles you’d like to see covered, then please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try my best to get around to them.

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